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Saline removal

What Is Saline Tattoo Removal?

Saline tattoo removal is a procedure that uses a saline solution to draw tattoo ink or pigment out of the skin. It can be used to lighten or fully remove tattoos, although it is not the most efficient method of removal.

Li-FT® Saline Tattoo Lightening Solution is tattooed into the area of the unwanted permanent makeup, microblading or body tattoo procedure by using conventional tattoo methods. When Li-FT®  is soaked into the skin, the natural effect of Osmosis begins to take place. Li-FT® is a hypertonic solution, therefore it contains a higher amount of salt than the body contains…this enacts the process of Osmosis which starts to move the pigment upward to the outer surface of the skin…then removed by the skins natural healing process.

  • Saline Tattoo Lift/Removal (1 hour) $125

All services are unique and may require more or less time and effort. Each stylist is free to change pricing accordingly.